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  1. Glitter can be tricky to remove from your eye, but most of the time it can be done safely with a sterile eye rinse or with the help of your eye doctor. If your eye is left untreated, however, it can lead to complications such as an infection or corneal abrasion — both of which can be dangerous for eyes if they are severe enough. First things first, Korean eye makeup trends are all about youthful, fresh, and innocent looks. Go for subtle shades like coral and pink with glittery eyeshadows, highlighting your under eyes (right upper of your eye bags) this is considered Aegyo Sal makeup. Plus, if you add blocky brows and puppy eyeliners, you can easily achieve the desired Korean eye makeup look.   Ad vertisement by BonbaoifeGlitter
    Lucky for you, after testing many popular products on the market, my team and I have compiled the following list of best drugstore liquid eyeliners for you. If you love these products, you can even add them to your shopping cart as they are so budget-friendly. As is known to all, eyeliner makeup is very essential for complete makeup. Just one swipe of eyeliner can create an exquisite makeup look, making your eyes look bigger and shining. Liquid eyeliners have become a makeup staple as they can totally change your look in a few minutes. What We Love: It’s formulated with conditioning olive oil and shea butter that won’t irritate the eye area. Liquid eyeliner conversations that don’t start here shouldn’t start at all. Stila’s iconic waterproof liquid liner was the first pricey option I ever tried, and to this day, I still consider it one of the all-time best options for perfect eyeliner every damn time. It comes in a number of hues like blue, green, and a gorgeous berry, but if you ask me, the classic black is undefeated. I’m wearing it in the shot above, in case you still don’t believe the hype.