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  1. DeedClaim is a computer-assisted document assembly platform. DeedClaim cannot provide you with legal, tax, or financial advice. Your use of this site does not establish an attorney-client relationship. You shouldn’t take anything on this site to be legal advice or make any decisions based on it. Use of our site, products, and or services are governed by our Terms and Conditions. «The administration’s stated purpose behind making these changes is to help make it easier for borrowers who have historically been disadvantaged and have had a hard time accessing credit,» Realtor chief economist Danielle Hale told ABC News. Accordingly, many modern loan guidelines do not require a non-occupying co-borrower to actually be named on the deed as an owner of the property. However, to be clear, a non-occupying co-borrower may also be required to be a close family member of the occupying borrower(s) for whom they are co-signing, as well as meeting other loan qualification guidelines.
    So if you’re looking into the real estate game, whether as a full time profession or a profitable side hustle, you need to know what a real estate agents earning potential is (and it can be a lot). How much does the average real estate agent make? One way to figure that out is to look at what agents who put in an average amount of hours are earning. In real estate, longer hours usually mean higher earnings. Agents putting in 40 to 50 hours a week can expect to make around $113,054, according to our survey, while agents who work between 50 to 59 hours a week report earning an average of $143,469. For example, a typical commercial real estate commission can vary from 4-8% in deals under $1 million. Once you go above $1 million in property value, the commercial real estate commission will begin to decrease.